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Photos from DR Congo

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Momentum shifts in DR Congo’s battle against rebels
Until last summer, rebels had the upper hand in their battle against the Congolese government. But the government, backed by the United Nations, has brought new leadership and vigor to the fight.
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Aftermath of mass rape in DR Congo
Last November, hundreds of women and children were raped in Minova, on the shores of Lake Kivu, by soldiers from the Congolese national army. As the G8 debated ways to prevent sexual violence in the DRC, photographer Fiona Lloyd-Davies gained unprecedented access to the town.
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Gold mining in eastern DRC
Gold mining in the DR Congo’s (DRC) Ituri Region has been practised since the discovery of alluvial gold there 1904. No one is quite sure how many gold sites are in operation at any one time, but it is estimated that there are more than 100,000 artisanal - or small-scale - gold miners in the region alone. Although the DRC’s Mining Code contains numerous health and safety regulations, few are adhered to.
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From Kinshasa to Goma
Guardian reporter Mark Tran's picture diary of his recent trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo reveals the stark contrast between the expensive new developments in Kinshasa and the reality of life for the average person. It shows the impact of recent fighting in Goma; the arrival of food aid from 'emerging' donors at a camp for internally displaced people; and farmers being taught new planting techniques.
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